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Meet Bubba and Riley!

Say hi to April's first PhD Pets: Bubba and Riley!🐶

Bubba (right) is a 4-year-old Springador and he loves going pheasant hunting and snuggling on the couch.

Riley (left) is a 1-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever/heeler mix and you can find her chasing squirrels in the yard, squeaking her toys nonstop, and trying (unsuccessfully) to play with every cat she sees!

Riley is obsessed with her big brother Bubba and you can often find her sleeping on top of him on the couch 💤


Thank you to Kacey (@pharmacolo.she on Instagram) for blessing our feeds with Bubba and Riley!

Submit your PhD Pet post via this google form (under the category "other") or email us at! All you need is your favourite pic of your pet and a short paragraph to introduce them!


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