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Love Languages

YES! Love language may apply to ANY form of relationship to show understanding, appreciation, gratitude, or recognition.

Graphic titled 5 Love Languages. All text in post.

We can even express these emotions in graduate school or with fellow colleagues to maintain healthy relations in the workplace!

Consider these actions next time someone may be having a tough day at school, hard feedback on a work project, or just needs a pick-me-up throughout the week.

The 5 love languages in grad school/workplace:

1) Words of affirmation - "I really love your presentation!"

2) Quality time - getting coffee together on break, scheduled one-on-one meetings for projects that need extra attention

3) Acts of service - helping a co-worker or lab-mate to lighten their workload

4) Gifts- bringing baking or specialized items for your friends/co-workers

5) Physical touch- appropriate touch like handshakes for congratulations


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