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Let's Talk About Maintaining Balance

This month for Stronger Together, we're talking about Work-Life Balance!

Join us Thursday's at 12 PM ET on Discord to discuss how we can maintain balance in our professional and personal lives, strategies for balance upkeep, and learning about financial literacy as graduate students!

Graphic promoting discord discussions for our Stronger Together Modules - text reads April PhD Stronger Together Maintain Balance Discord: # PhD Stronger Together Live Discussions Weekly Thursdays at 12pm ET. Module 1 April 08 2021 healthy professional life, module 2 April 15 2021 Healthy Relationships, module 3, April 22 2021 Strategies for Better Balance, module 4, April 29 2021 Financial Literacy.

April 8 - Healthy professional life

We all know that work-life balance is important -- but how do we optimize the ‘work’ side of the equation? Let's talk about the professional aspects of being a grad student.

April 15 - Healthy personal relationships

There are different types of relationships that keep us grounded. Given how social humans are, maintaining a good and healthy relationship is important for our wellbeing - Let's talk about how!

April 22 - Strategies for better balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be a challenge, especially given how unpredictable our world has become. Let's brainstorm good strategies that can work for you!

April 29 - Financial Literacy

Financial restrain can add on to the stress students are already experiencing. Let's talk about tips and tricks out there on how to either (1) increase your income or (2) better manage the amount you currently make.


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