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Join our Team!

Originally posted on the PhD Balance social media platforms on 02/04/2021.

Join our team of volunteers! We are currently looking to fill several spots on our Digital Media Team 🎉

1. Website developer: working with the Social Media & Stronger Together teams to schedule items on the website and blog. Also, work on detailing the Website and making sure links, resources, and posts are correct. We are looking for a volunteer with some experience with Wix or other website platforms!

2. Social Media Team: we are looking for two volunteers to help with social media platforms, comfortable with either taking over Wednesday Question Bonanza (thinking of topics, recording questions & posting responses) or moderating one of our social media platforms (responding to comments/DM's, reposting stories or tweets, etc).

Graphic - Text reads Join Our Team, 1. Social Media Team x 2 Take charge of Wednesday Question Bonanza, Regulate social media platform(s). 2. Website Development - add posts to website - stories, stronger together content, attention to website details, develop web pages when there is new content to add. Footer reads If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please email

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please email!


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