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Join our Stronger Together Community

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 05/01/2020.

It's Launching!!

Screen of the phd balance website - text reads join our community want full access to all our workshops, webinars, forums and more? Get started!

We are SO EXCITED to be announcing the next big PhD Balance project: Stronger Together, a monthly peer support group for students to explore mental health-related topics.

Each month has a different focus that will be explored through journaling prompts, multimedia resources and group discussions.

Together, we'll cover topics related to mental illnesses, career and professional development, intersectionality in mental health, and academic stressors.

We've set up some forums and resources already, and we will be announcing webinars and activities for exclusive access by our community members.

How to join:

1. Sign up for a membership (website link in bio -> Community -> Join the Community).

2. Set up your profile (as personal or anonymous as you want) and start chatting with others through the new forums.

3. Wait for this month's first challenge to be announced on Sunday afternoon!


Sign up to our Stronger Together community here to take part in our monthly topics!


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