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Inclusion & Diversity in Quantum

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Abe Asfaw (he/him) leads a global education and open science advocacy mission for IBM Quantum, where he has contributed to industry-leading science

communication efforts to help democratize the field of quantum computing such as the Qiskit Global Summer School, the Coding with Qiskit YouTube series, the Qiskit Open Source Textbook, and the IBM Quantum Challenge.

His work focuses on building curriculum, software, educational materials, and interactive content that allow students and developers to leverage quantum computers over the cloud. Abe’s goal is to build diverse quantum communities all over the world, including his home country of Ethiopia, through open access to IBM’s real quantum systems. Beyond IBM Quantum, Abe has contributed to the development of quantum education at the US national level by participating in several National Quantum Initiative efforts, such as the National Science Foundation's Key Concepts for Future Quantum Information Science Learners and the Q2Work Education Initiative.

Additionally, Abe is completing his PhD at Princeton University focusing on experimental quantum computation. His research has three focus areas: stabilizing magnetic fields for quantum computers based on electron spins, pulsed electron spin resonance experiments using superconducting resonators fabricated from materials with high kinetic inductance, and transport measurements of electrons floating on shallow superfluid helium. He also serves on the board of the Ethiopian Physics Society in North America, with the goal of promoting physics education and research among Ethiopians in Ethiopia and North America. Outside academics, Abe enjoys swimming, DJing, and writing code in Python.


Abe will be taking over the PhD Balance Instagram account tomorrow (10/03) and will also join Susanna and Fay on this week's Grad Chat episode on Saturday!

You can also now listen to all our Grad Chat episodes as a podcast, which is hosted on Anchor FM and available on all major streaming services!


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