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How to be an Effective Ally

Image of a white person wearing waterproof jacket and hat facing away from the camera holding up two signs that say black lives matter.

An ally is a person with some form of privilege who takes time to educate themselves on racial inequities and injustices, advocates for those disadvantaged by oppression, and makes personal sacrifices to make room for and elevate others with less privilege.

White fragility, or sensitivity when confronted about racism, can interfere with allyship, as can common excuses such as “I don’t have enough time to dedicate to DEI efforts” or “It’s ok, I have a Black friend.” Crucial to allyship are self-education and a willingness to call out racism and microaggressions.

In this week’s Stronger Together module, we’ll discuss key terms such as oppression, privilege, and allyship, provide guidance on how to call out racism, and highlight resources that allies can use to educate themselves and facilitate action (rather than silence) toward injustice.


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