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Grad Chat is taking a Break!

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 12/23/2020.

Grad Chat is taking a break!

We want to extend a MASSIVE "Thank You" for the support and participation to viewers & guests we had this year on Grad Chat! Fay will be back with a new PhD Balance announcement on January 9, 2021!

We cannot wait to talk to you all in the new year!

There is a teal background with a cartoon-style computer screen. On the computer screen is a headshot of Fay (Grad Chat coordinator for PhD Balance) and another spot for a headshot that says "Break". The words on the computer screen read "Grad Chat is taking a break. Fay will be back on 1/9/21 with more shows!

Watch all our past Grad Chat episodes on our Youtube Channel or as the NEW Grad Chat podcast hosted on!

Wanna be a guest on Grad Chat? Fill out our google form!


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