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Free the PhD Virtual Career Design Summit!

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 10/05/2020.

Promo graphic for the Free the PhD Virtual PhD Career Design Summit 2020. There is a timeline showing the events in the summit. Sun (25th)-Friday (30th) is a Guided networking week text reads, group informational interviews for all access pass ticket holders. Personalize your summit experience and select different group informational interview sessions with diverse PhDs in a wide range of career paths. The Guided networking week also includes a networking bootcamp digital course for all access ticket holders. text reads Networking doesn't have to be awkward and weird. We'll break it down into actionable steps and help you adopt the right mindset to engage strangers comfortably. Saturday us a career design workshop. Text reads Apply design thinking to your career, categorise job functions and skills, understand what hiring managers want, live resume/cover letter tailoring, live interview answer tailoring. Sunday is the survival sessions. Text reads get immigration policy updates, chat about finances, retirement and money mindsets, spark your inner entrepreneur, and get actionable advice on how to get what you want from your boss.

Free the PhD is organizing a Virtual Career Design Summit from October 25th-November 1st 2020 which includes guided networking, a career design workshop and survival sessions"

The Sunday features a talk titled "Get What You Need - How to Work With Your Advisor" on Sunday the 1st Nov by PhD Balance's own Liesl Krause!

Graphic for the talk by Liesl Krause of PhD Balance on Sunday 1st Nov at 1pm PST titled Get What You Need- How to Work with Your Advisor. There is also a headshot of Liesl.


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