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First Day of A New Year - What Grade are you in?

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 09/05/2020.

Let's do something fun to celebrate the start of a new academic year!

Graphic of a first day of school black board that include spaces to fill in the person's name, the grade, school, favourite color, animal and food and a space to finish the phrase "I will become a:"

It's hasn't really felt like a new year as we're still mostly working/studying from home. Let's get the new year feeling going! Tell us what grade you're in!

We'll post this picture in our stories for you to screenshot and edit! Tag us in your story and we'll repost it to ours!

What grade are you in?

If you completed a 4 year bachelors and are in the first year of your masters/PhD, you are in Grade 17!

If you completed a 4 year bachelors, a 2 year masters and are in the first year of your PhD, you are in Grade 19!


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