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Episode 2: Susan Egbert

This week we are super excited to have current PhD Balance president Susan

Light blue-green graphic - text reads Grad School Life by PhD Balance Episode 2: Susan Egbert Chemistry PhD Candidate. Going Behind the Scenes of Grad School. There is also a headshot of Susan on the graphic.

Egbert, sit down with host Linda to talk about her day-to-day as a chemistry PhD candidate!

The episode is now available on the PhD Balance YouTube and on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast & Apple Podcasts (And more!) Just search "Grad School Life" on your favourite podcast streaming app and join us as we start this series off (let us know if you can't find it on any app and we'll fix that!).


You can find Susan on Twitter and Instagram (@lichenlady94).

Watch on YouTube or listen on Spotify!


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