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Environment vs. Research: Determining What’s Most Important to You

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 07/20/2020.

“Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet.” Anonymous

Picture of various baking ingredients and utensils on a table. There is an open bag of flour with a small pile of flour on the table, 3 eggs, a fork and spoon, an open jar of honey, a measuring jug full of water, a wooden spoon and a spatula

There are many ingredients that go into completing a recipe. Just as in making a cake, there are many ingredients that go into successfully navigating grad school.

One of the main ingredients of navigating grad school is choosing a research lab to join. Sometimes, one of the most difficult choices depends on prioritizing. Does one place research over the environment or the environment over the research? One thing that may help is to consider which factors are most important to you and also how specific your research interests are. This part is similar to adjusting the recipe; some factors may be absolutely necessary to have and others not so much.

Prioritize your needs, because ultimately you are the master chef and this decision affects your time in grad school. From an old wise tale from various grad students, go with your gut instinct. Check out this week's ST module to learn more!


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