Effective Teaching and Learning Environments

Hello!  Hi, I’m Graham Read (he/him/his) and I am this week's Grad Chat special guest! I will be taking over the PhD Balance Instagram tomorrow.

I'm a PhD candidate in Radiation Biology at UCLA, as well as the chair of the Graduate Program in Biosciences’ Mental Health Committee, a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, and one of the TA Coordinators for the Life Sciences Core.

I’m also an Undergraduate Research Mentor at the Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences, where I run workshops to teach research-based skills to undergraduates. In the lab, I’m a proud mentor to four terrific students- one from each class year!

As a mental health advocate, an educator, and a researcher, I’m deeply interested in advocacy both for my own mental health and for the mental health of my students and mentees. I firmly believe that an inclusive and mentally healthy environment is the best place to learn. I’m looking forward to a great conversation about how to make mentally healthy environments for students, teachers, mentors, and mentees.

Graham will be taking over the PhD Instagram account tomorrow before appearing on Grad Chat with Fay this Saturday (11/14) to talk about Effective Teaching and Learning Environments.

Grad Chat is Live-Streamed on the PhD Balance Youtube channel!

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