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Disclosing your Mental Health - Part 1

Disclosing your mental health series graphic about not feeling pressured to disclose your mental health. It also references the law, exact text in post.

Talking to a therapist or someone you love about your mental health is difficult, and to start disclosing your mental health and illnesses to others around you (maybe a larger friend group, colleagues/peers, supervisors, etc) can be a huge leap of faith.

You should never feel pressured to disclose your Mental Health.

In most countries, disclosing mental health, illnesses, & disabilities is always a choice, not a requirement.

If you choose to disclose, laws like the Human Rights Code, Equality Act, and Privacy Act protect your employment and studies status.

However, if you feel you are ready to disclose your mental health - whether it be your closest family or friend, or your boss - we want to help! We are starting a new series about disclosing your mental health.

Today: the pros and cons!


Disclosing Your Mental Health -the pros and cons. All text in post.
  • Don't feel like you're "hiding"

  • Build community with others

  • Aids in your own recovery

  • Reduce stigma about talking about mental health

  • You may learn you're surrounded by empathetic & understanding individuals


  • Internalized stigma

  • People who just simply don't understand, may ask many questions (triggering)

  • Judgement from peers, colleagues, or superiors. (intentional or not)

Can you think of any other pros or cons to disclosing your mental health?


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