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Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 11/01/2020.

Our November stronger together topic is starting today. This month's topic is Depression and Anxiety.

This week's module focuses on Depression. Although depression is a common experience among graduate students, there is significant heterogeneity in that experience such that one person’s profile of depressive symptoms may look very different from the next.

Picture of a person sitting on a chair hugging their knees while facing away from the camera and looking out a window

Depressive symptoms fall into three domains: emotional (e.g.) low mood, lack of interest, excessive guilt, cognitive (e.g.) poor attention, low motivation, and physical (e.g.) disrupted sleep, dysregulated eating.

Depression is typically episodic in nature, with periods where symptoms are more severe and other periods where symptoms are less severe or absent. However, some people may experience chronic mild depressive symptoms.

Clinical disorders that may involve depressive symptoms include major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, cyclothymic disorder, and more. Importantly, depression and anxiety are not mutually exclusive and many people experience symptoms of both.


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