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Careers in Outreach & Education

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 01/17/2021

Image shows a large area rug folded up like a book. There is a woman and 8 children sitting on purple cushions looking at the rug like they are reading a book

This week's Stronger Together module is careers in outreach & education!

As graduate students, we’ve dedicated a large portion of our lives to our own education. A passion for lifelong learning can also translate into the education of others and outreach within our communities, the topic of discussion for this module.

If you love teaching, distilling down complex topics, engaging with your community, or helping others find their passion, then a career in education/outreach may be the perfect fit!


Sign up to our Stronger Together section here to take part in this week's module: Careers in Outreach & Education

Our weekly module discussion on our Discord server will happen Thursday (01/21) at 12 pm ET where will discuss the barriers to academic success for members of the Black community! Join our Discord server here to take part!


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