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Building Your Academic Home Infographic

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 08/02/2020.

Multiple puzzle pieces fit together in a harmonious way to form your academic home. These components serve as the foundation, structure, and roof over your head as you journey towards your degree.

Infographic titled Building Your Academic Home. There is a house made-up of 4 puzzle pieces, university & program, mentor, peers and allies, and reserach. All text is in the post.

1. University & Program – Financial support, Professional Development resources, Mental Health support, Non-competitive environment

2. Mentor – Career-advancing credentials & network, Compatible mentoring style, Financial, mental & personal support, Advocates for a health work/life balance.

3. Peers & Allies – Community of different lived experiences, Supportive of your identity, academic & research assistance, relatability

4. Research – Intriguing topic, Manageable workload, Opportunity to expand skill set, Collaborative opportunities.


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