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Let's Talk About: Building Your Academic Toolkit

This month, Stronger Together wants to help you build your academic toolkit!

Join our Discord server to take part in our weekly text discussions Thursdays at 12pm ET (starting TODAY)!

Graphic text reads #PhDStrongerTogether Lets build your academic toolkit, discord #PhDStrongerTogether Live discussions Weekly Thursdays at 12pm ET. Module 1 August 5th 2021 poster presentations, Module 2 Aug 12 2021 conferences, Module 3 aug 19 2021 writing & communication, module 4 Aug 26 2021 how to read a paper. www/

📣 Ask questions & receive advice from other students, and also give advice to others on what (or what DOESN'T) work for you!

This week we're talking about poster presentations. We've all had design flaws, text mix-ups, size 12 font on a 6-foot poster, and don't even get us started on in-person vs. virtual.. AH!

Or, maybe you're a new grad student who needs some tips for an upcoming presentation? Let's band together to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to poster presentations!

Our schedule for Discord discussion for the rest of August includes:

  1. August 5 2021 - poster presentations

  2. August 12 2021 - conferences

  3. August 19 2021 - writing & communications

  4. August 26 2021 - how to read a research paper


Sign up to our Stronger Together section here to take part in this month's modules on Academic Toolkit!

Join our Discord server to take part in our module discussions on Thursday!


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