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Black in Academia Infographic

Black in Academia via Stronger Together.

text reads Join the conversation on discord # PhD Stronger Together - there is an icon of a fist with the words all over it including - silence is not an option, # Black in The Ivory, Intersectionality Matters, # Black In X, Justice, Oppression, Commitment, Equity, Leadership, Wellness, Barriers, Celebration, Code Switch, Inclusion, Elevation, Black In Mental Health. Footer says connect with us @PhD_Balance,

Did you miss February's content? Don't fret! Our March content will launch this weekend but you can revisit it at any time!

Go to our Stronger Together section to educate yourself on structural factors driven by White-centric ideals and principles which lead to a fundamentally different Black experience in academia, including opportunities for advancement, mental health difficulties, and available resources.


Want to learn more about being Black in Academia?

Check out BlackInTheIvory on Twitter (@BlackInTheIvory) and all the Black in X organisations - find them all via!


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