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Black Academic Trajectories: Facts and Figures

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 02/07/2021

There are many disparities that Black people face when it comes to academia - from K-12 all the way to seeking tenure.

Starting from K-12, Black students are less likely to have access to college-ready courses. In addition, Black students disproportionately face more disciplinary action and spend less time in the classroom. At the college and university level, Black students make up a small number of those awarded Bachelor degrees and an even smaller number of those awarded PhDs. And lastly, Black faculty members are often asked to do “invisible labor” which does not count for the tenure process.

In this week’s Stronger Together module, we explore the barriers of academia in higher education and ways to dismantle them.


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Our weekly module discussion on our Discord server will happen Thursday (02/11) at 12 pm ET where will discuss the barriers to academic success for members of the Black community! Join our Discord server here to take part!

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