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Being an Anti-Racism Ally - A thread from Chanel Matney

Originally posted on PhD Balance social media platforms on 06/03/2020.

Posted with permission from Chanel Matney.

Being an anti-racism ally is not a social media status. It’s not a performative platitude. (A thread from @ChanelMatney on Twitter)

It’s hard. It can be scary. It involves risk-taking. It involves re-education. It’s a series of continuous and intentional action. Based on this article, I’ve consolidated some highlights as to how white folks can be anti-racism allies:

  1. At protests, organize up to form a safety buffer on the frontline between people of color and the police. Cops are far less likely to use excessive force against you. Think of ways to use white privilege to shield, buffer, and de-escalate.

  2. Record police encounters you see involving persons of color.

  3. Read books by people of color; watch movies and shows about people of color that are created by people of color (recommendations in the article)

  4. If you have kids, buy them dolls and action figures of color, and books with characters of color.

  5. Confront your colleagues who spew racist BS unchecked at work, yes, even if it’s “just a joke”.

  6. If asked to fill a role that you think a person of color would be better suited for, recommend a talented person of color for the opportunity instead.

  7. Refuse to speak on an all-white panel, period.

  8. Don’t ask POC to help you process your white guilt. Those feelings are understandable and should be addressed in a healthy way, but don’t ask us to do that work with you.

Thank you for your efforts. ❤️️ #BlackLivesMatter .


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