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Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Hi All. I’m an Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD @angryblackwomangettingherphd in #Chicago. I suffer from #depression and #anxiety.


I’ve battled mental health issues for 4 years, and I seek professional help to manage it. I want to ditch my depression and anxiety!

To do this I #exercise daily, keep a balanced #diet, listen to #motivational messages, and see a #psychiatrist.

I want to be happy with my progress in life; that means surrounding myself with inspiring people who always push for something better. It also means doing things I enjoy to maintain a #worklife balance - right now, that’s #polefitness!


Build Self Respect - this is my biggest advice to my younger self.

Learn and accept that it’s OK to leave toxic situations! The biggest lesson I had to learn is to not allow people to abuse you, even when you think it could advance your career.

Your #education is a right, and #abuse does not come with the journey. We need to find more people willing to speak up against #unhealthy culture within graduate school, and we as #scientists need to support one another.🤐

Visibility is the state of being seen. My story matters because we need to increase visibility of both #mentalhealthissues and #minorities in science. More minorities need to be seen as #scientists.

This is crucial for giving minorities the authority they deserve to be experts in their fields. 🔬

You can find me on YouTube! Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD: These are the stories you don't hear, and I'm not afraid to share them! (



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