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Academic Toolkit: Reading Papers

In this week's Stronger Together module we will be discussing how to read research papers effectively.

Picture of a book open near the middle sitting on a table. It are two piles of three books either side of it. Two library shelves of books are out of focus in the background.

Research papers are the best way to know whether or not what we’re working on has been done before.

However, research papers are rather daunting (no matter what the field) and feel really overwhelming at times.

Check out the module over on our stronger together section where we have gathered tips and strategies for reading research papers effectively.

Be sure to join our weekly discord module Thursday (26th) at 12 pm ET to share your experiences and ideas!


Sign up to our Stronger Together section here to take part in this week's module: Effectively Reading Papers

Join our weekly module discussion (via discord text chat) this Thursday (08/26) at 12 pm ET on our Discord server!


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