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Video Transcript [Google Doc]

Liesl Krause, M.S.

Liesl Krause (she/her) is a current PhD candidate in Technology, Leadership, and Innovation at Purdue University Polytechnic Institute. Her dissertation is related to mental health of graduate students, especially as it is related to their advisor. Liesl has previously obtained her bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and her master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. She hopes to use her engineering experience to expand the field of mental health in academia and also help bring up the next generation of engineers. In her spare time, Liesl loves to train dogs, hang out with her puppy, go for runs, and planning her wedding. Liesl acknowledges that the land she is currently on was occupied from the Myaamia, Potawtomi, Kaskaskia, Peoria, and Kiikaapoi nations.


Liesl was very effective at meeting our brief both from an organizational, online delivery, and social media engagement point of view. I would be very pleased to have her speak again at similar events for the UK chemical science community.

-Manchester Metropolitan University, March 2021

Thank you for this talk! Really glad of all the mental health awareness that you are doing!


It was such an important topic!

it is true that in academia we face anxiety and this kind of webinar is very useful for the creating awareness.

-Royal Society of Chemistry, March 2021

Very useful material, very engaging workshop and speaker, very well conducted, and the breakout sessions were amazing.

Very good flow, great prompts, awesome all around!

-Computer Architecture Student Association, March 2021

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