COVID-19 Resources

Grad School is difficult enough - and now adding on the stress of a global pandemic?

Thanks to your suggestions, we've added a separate page of links to great resources for graduate students dealing with particularly challenging time.

Weekly Grad Chats

Join Fay Lin every Saturday for an interactive discussion of key topics around Graduate Student Mental Health

Academic Success

Workshops and Resources

Accessibility & Disabilities

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BIPOC Students

Students belonging to Black, Indiginous,and People of Color identities face unique challenges during graduate school.

Financial Planning

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First-Generation Students

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International Students

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LGBTQIA+ Students

These resources are designed to support Sexual or Gender Minority (SGM) populations and include resources specific to graduate students.

Mental Health & Wellness

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Suicide Prevention & Resources

If you or a loved one is struggling with suicidal thoughts or ideations, PLEASE reach out to a trusted medical provider. We do not provide professional or medical services, but we have collected these resources for you to use for yourself or others.