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Self-Reflection in Grad School

How can we look at ourselves with empathy and compassion while still finding areas for improvement? Does this help us to succeed?

Adapting to Change

The world changes. Our research changes. We change.


So how can we learn to maintain momentum in grad school, even as we are forced to pivot? Can we create plans, or do we have to accept that everything is out of our control?

Difficult Discussions

with Rob Ulrich

How can we talk about the taboo topics in Academia?


From mental health to relationships to trauma, what can grad students do to both express and protect themselves?

Standing up for Yourself with Nour

From advisors to peers to society at large, we are often confronted with difficult situations and toxic environments.


How can we stand up for ourselves through all of this, especially as trainees in a system like Academia?

International Students and Being Abroad with Thiago Arzua

Getting through grad school has its challenges.


How are those challenges compounded with moving to a new country? 

Processing Grief

 with Janay Franklin

Processing grief is a challenge by itself. How can we navigate processing grief in grad school?

Living in Another Country w/ Gülsün Demirezen

Getting through grad school has its challenges.


How are those challenges compounded with moving to a new country, adapting to a new environment and a new culture?

Neurodiversity/Disabilities in STEM w/ Linda Corcoran

Ableism is present in academia. How can research students access support and tackle internalized ableism and perfectionism? How can we be an advocate for all disabled people?