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Facts and Statistics about Mental Health in Grad School

Many graduate students face work life imbalance, imposter syndrome, financial stressors, relocation, burnout, and other challenges that may mental health difficulties. If you've faced challenges to your mental heath during your graduate studies, know that you are not alone!

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Resources for Supporting Mental Health and Mental Illness

Dealing with mental health distress or mental illness during graduate school can feel overwhelming and isolating. We hope these resources will help you navigate any challenges you may be facing.

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Finding the Right Treatment and Support

Seeking professional help, therapy, medications, or peer support may alleviate mental health distress, but not knowing where to start can leave a person feeling lost and unsupported. Please see the below resources to make it easier to find the right kind of support for your situation.

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Resources for Positive Mental Health & Well-being

Graduate school can be difficult -- make it easier on yourself by caring for your mental health! Even if you are not currently experiencing mental health distress, maintaining positive mental health and well-being is important to combat the stressors of graduate school.

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Other Support Networks

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