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Video Transcript [Google Doc]

Alex Weigand

Alex Weigand (she/her) is a 3rd year PhD student in clinical psychology studying biomarkers of preclinical Alzheimer's disease. She hopes to use her understanding of psychological concepts, her experience working with therapy patients, and her own experience with mental health difficulties to help educate others about mental wellness and reduce the stigma around mental health difficulties. She is also interested in science communication more broadly, and works with other organizations to create and disseminate content related to healthcare and neurologic conditions. Outside of this education and advocacy work, Alex enjoys trying local craft beers, collecting vinyl, and discovering new R tricks. Alex is based on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Kumeyaay, or Diegueño, also known as San Diego, California.


We've been working on launching a graduate student run initiative at Fordham University on promoting mental health and wellbeing, and Ph.D. Balance has been very helpful in providing a framework for thinking about what such an initiative can look like. Working towards an open and supportive graduate community is easier with this great example of what one looks like. 

-Fordham University, March 2021

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